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New Patients at Grimes Family Chiropractic

When you book your initial appointment at Grimes Family Chiropractic, we’ll send you a link to our new patient paperwork—you may complete the forms online, or you may come in a few minutes early to do the paperwork in our office.

Since we take full-spine X-rays and INSiGHT® scans, wearing pants and a shirt makes that process easier. However, we have gowns for you to change into, if your clothing limits access to your spine.

Your First Visit

Plan to be with us for about an hour during this visit. Our staff will greet you with a smile and make you feel welcome. Then Dr. Grimes will introduce himself and take you to a private consultation room, where he’ll talk with you about your health history, what’s going on currently, and what you hope to achieve with our care.

Next, he’ll conduct an examination that will include full spine X-rays (for patients over age 5) and CLA INSiGHT nervous system scans, including surface EMG (sEMG), heart rate variability and thermography. Then we’ll get you scheduled for your second visit.

Your Second Visit

Before you return, Dr. Grimes will take the time to study your images and scans to determine the best course of action to help you achieve your health goals. At your second appointment, he’ll explain what’s causing your current symptoms and how our approach may help. He’ll let you know how long it will take to get better and how much it will cost, and he’ll answer all your questions.
If you’re ready to begin, you’ll receive your first adjustment at this visit.

Throughout the process, Dr. Grimes will focus on education, helping you understand what’s gotten your body to this point and what things you can do to change the trajectory of your health and life.

Patient-Centered Care

We take X-rays and do nervous system scans, so we can be as precise and specific as possible with your care—there is no guesswork here! We also run on-time, so you can feel better and return to your day. Contact us today to get started.


New Patients at Grimes Family Chiropractic | (702) 233-2372